Workshop on Managing, Measuring & Changing Org. Culture

  • 16 May 2018
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Bowling Green, OH 43403, USA & Online


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ICCM 1007 Managing, Measuring and
Changing Organizational Culture

An innovative hybrid online course including a live (in-person or zoom webinar) conference workshop offered by ICCM, FIT, ISODC, and THT. This course combines the best of online, onsite, and video conference formats.

This course begins with a three-hour session to be offered at the ICCM Summit on May 16, 2018.  This session will be available to conference attendees, and simultaneously to online participants who are not able to attend the conference in person.  In this three-hour hybrid session, the course will be introduced, course site content will be reviewed, and project teams will be developed.  Team projects will involve participants working together to develop and design an organizational culture for the planned Mars space colony.  Following the initial workshop presented at the conference the course will be three weeks in duration and will use engaging cases and active participation in experiential learning.  The course will be completed on June 6, 2018 with a virtual presentation of team projects. 

Managing, Measuring and Changing Organizational Culture - ICCM 1007


Participants in this course will learn an approach developed to make sense of culture and how it provides meaning for organizations.  Well-tested and applied models and methods for understanding, measuring, and managing organizational culture are provided as background for course participants.  Cultural dilemmas are used as a method to assess and plan an organizational culture for a Mars colony.  Course content will be presented in three learning modules:

Module One

  • May 16 Workshop/Virtual Webinar (2-5 pm) at the ISODC Information Exchange

Project teams will develop an organizational culture model needed for colonists to live successfully in space (including governance and control, acquiring and distribution of resources, relationships with others, adapting to the physical environment, socio-technical innovations, and resolving cultural dilemmas among multi-cultural inhabitants).

  • Course site content

We will discuss culture and organizations, a framework for understanding cultural values, socio-cultural encounters in organizational settings, multi-cultural diversity, and cultural dilemmas. Video interviews from experts will be discussed.

Module Two

  • May 23 and May 30 (1-hour virtual sessions to be arranged)

Project teams will apply Trompenaars 7D Model to develop features for organizational culture for Mars colony.

  • Course site content

Designing organizational cultures, change dynamics, and measuring organizational culture will be discussed.  Cases from former colonies will be analyzed to develop the Mars colony model.

Module Three

June 6 (2-hour course conclusion)

  • Course participants will present cultural models for living on Mars.  Implications for “space communities” will be discussed.  Team results will be published.
Course site content
  • Team projects will be posted in advance of the June 6 meeting.  Threaded discussions will be used to further develop the team projects.  SHRM, HRCI and FIT CE credits will be awarded to participants.
    A panel of experts will be presented via video interviews to discuss the implications of organizational culture for space travel.

  • What are the fundamental elements needed to co-exist
    and sustain a human colony 
    on Mars?
  • What cultural values
    will provide the foundation for the colony?
  • How can Trompenaars’ seven cultural dimensions be used to design and build the organizational culture?
  • How will the multi-cultural colonists come together to form the new colony culture?
  • What may be some of the cultural dilemmas that will develop as the new colonists begin to co-exist?
  • How will resources be obtained and allocated, decisions made, problems solved, conflicts resolved, and newcomers socialized?

Faculty for ICCM 1007

Roland Livingston, EdD (faculty) is an Organization Development Consultant and Educator whose work
has focused on Diversity Management, Team Building, Leadership Effectiveness and Executive Coaching.

Kimberley Barker, PhD (faculty) is an educator, author, and speaker whose work has focused on Cultural Competence & Dilemma reconciliation and Global Organization Development and Change.

Jerry Glover, PhD (faculty) is an author, consultant, and educator whose work has focused on reconciling cultural differences in economic, community, and organizational development. His work has involved
extensive research in organizational culture.  He has conducted applied organizational culture studies for
the leaders of 34 organizations in 10 countries.  Those studies include businesses, military, health care, educational, and tourism organizations.  His most recent book, Transcultural Competence: Navigating
Cultural Differences in the Global Community (APA Books, 2015) describes an approach to understanding how to create solutions for problems of diverse organizational cultures.

Project Team Coaches:  Graham Isaacs, Suzanne Sterling, Harris Friedman, Roland Livingston


Continuing Education Credits are awarded by FIT, HRCI, and SHRM
for completing
ICCM 1007

Tuition $175

Learning Outcomes include…….

  • A framework for understanding culture and organizations.
  • An approach to designing an organizational culture.
  • Identification of cultural dilemmas in multi-cultural settings.
  • A method for creating change and designing organizations by reconciling cultural dilemmas.

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