International OD and Change Management

The ISODC is a non-profit professional association dedicated to providing professional development, trainings and webinars, publications, consulting and advisory services, and certifications to individuals and organizations around the world.

Our members span 6 continents and 47 countries from North and South America to Europe and Asia, forming a global community that supports and encourages the best OD practices and scholarship.

Vision Statement

Our vision is a world in which people work together to achieve mutually beneficial best outcomes for all and to be the leader in helping and developing OD professionals to achieve this vision.

Mission Statement

The mission of the ISODC is to continue, update, and expand upon the work formerly started by the Organization Development Institute whose mission was to build the field of O.D. into a highly respected profession.

This includes:

  • Recognizing O.D. Professionals with the designation of Registered Organization Development Consultants (RODC) who meet the requirements.

  • Updating the international O.D. Code of Ethics which is accepted and used by major O.D. organizations in the world.

  • Continuing the development of the high-quality collaborative O.D. Journal for O.D. Professionals.

  • Identifying those academic institutions which provide excellent Organization Development (and closely aligned) programs.

  • Developing an outline of the knowledge and skill necessary for competence in O.D.

  • Establishing connections with various organizations worldwide which represent O.D. Professionals.

The ISODC Statements of Belief document provides an overview of our philosophy and approach to organizational development, organizational design, and change management strategy as we work within organizational culture and environment to create customized interventions.

Our Code of Ethics is available here.

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