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The ISODC has 4 levels of membership available: Student Member, Registered Organization Development Professional (RODP), Registered Organization Development Consultant (RODC), Senior Member. The requirements for membership under these 4 categories are as follows:

Student Member

Student Memberships are free for all students enrolled in a college or university. All student members must agree to abide by The ISODC Code of Ethics.

Registered OD Professional (RODP)

Regular members at this level are individuals who are interested in the field of organization development. Members may use the initials, RODP, after their name if they agree to abide by The ISODC Code of Ethics. Membership includes listing your credentials in the International Registry of Organization Development, quarterly newsletter, and admission at no cost to ISODC conferences (usually 2 per year).   

Registered OD Consultant (RODC)

A Registered Organization Development Consultant is required to have a masters or doctoral degree in organization development or a related field of study. Members at this level may use the initials, RODC, after their name if they also agree to abide by The ISODC Code of Ethics. The professional consultant is entitled to the same membership services as regular members.

Senior Membership


Members who are 62 years and older are entitled to a reduced rate. Senior members may use the initials, RODP or RODC,  as appropriate, after their names if the meet the requirements of membership stated above. 

Corporate Membership Offered to corporations wishing to provide memberships to their employees. We offer 3 levels: 0-100 employees, 101-250 employees, and greater than 251 employees.


Code of Ethics
Click the link above to read the ISODC Code of Ethics. 

Membership Fees

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For Membership from China, please register on the ISODC China site.

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