Conference Wrap Ups





Click the photos below to go to the conference wrap ups and slide shows.


View the wrap up for the 2017 Vermont CCAI Info Exchange               View the wrap up for the October 2016 Veront CCAI Info Exchange

CCAI Info Exchange (Vermont)                CCAI Info Exchange (Vermont)
May 2017                                               October 2016                     


3rd International Conference (Ontario, Canada)

View the wrap up for the May 2014 Information Exchange

Information Exchange

May 2014      


2nd International Conference (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

View the wrap up and slide show for the 2013 Hawaii Conference               View the wrap up for The ISOD 1st International Conference               View the wrap up for the May 2013 Information Exchange

Conference (Hawaii)                              1st International Conference (Ghana)      Information Exchange
December 2013                                     July 2013                                             May 2013                                    

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