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Webinar Archives

Chief Joy Officer: How Great Leaders Elevate Human Energy & Eliminate Fear with Richard Sheridan - moderated by Kimberley Barker and Quang Le

Practicing Organization Change and Development in the Global Community with Jerry Glover - moderated by Kimberley Barker

Leader Strategic Innovation & Change Webinar w/ Al Blixt - moderated by Kimberley Barker and Zach Glover

TBD Webinar on Leading w/ Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times with Brenda Reynolds - Moderated by Kimberley Barker
and Quang Le

From the Founders to the Future with Matt Minahan - Moderated by Kimberley Barker and Quang Le
Unstoppable Leadership and Exponential Results Webinar with Bjorn Martinoff - Moderated by Kimberley Barker 

Humble Leadership with Ed Schein & Peter Schein - Moderated by Kimberley Barker and Quang Le

Global Diversity Requires a Worldview Appropriate for Culture, Change, and Leadership Webinar -  Fons Trompenaars, Jerry Glover, and Roland Livingston

Publish for Mass Consumption: Grow Your Brand and Your Business - Jeanne Maes and Kimberley Barker

A Positive Culture with Interaction Interventions - Marcella Bremer

Digital Disruption - the Opportunities  and Implications for Business and People - Stan Horwitz

Tapping into the Exponential Power at your Finger Tips - Bjorn Martinoff

Cultural Competence for Professionals Essential Requirement for Professionals in the Global Community Jerry Glover & Suzanne Sterling

New Rules for Women - Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together - Dr. Anne Litwin

Collaborative Change Events Blending Methods for Maximum Impact - Dr. Steven Cady

Collaboration: Change the Interaction, Change the Results, 4 Keys That Change EVERYTHING! - Judith H. Katz and Frederick A. Miller

The State of OD Part I: A Research Report - Allan Church and Amanda Shull

The State of OD Part II: A Research Report - Allan Church and Amanda Shull

Whole System Transformation: Developing an Agile Enterprise - Roland Sullivan

Culture, Innovation, and the OD Professional Dr. Fons Trompenaars

Changing the World: The Evidence for OD Making a Difference Globally Dr. Peter F. Sorensen and Dr. Therese Yaeger

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