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    • 13 Sep 2018
    • 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    • Online

    Join us as we discuss with bestselling author and father of organizational culture studies, Edgar Schein and Peter Schein as they trail-blaze with a creative perspective on leadership that encourages openness and trust as a form of strength.

    The more traditional forms of leadership, based on static, or even, transactional hierarchies, is growing increasingly outdated and ineffective. Without the ability to communicate with their peers, leaders become alienated from their followers and productivity and quality are sacrificed. The authors Edgar Schein and Peter Schein recognize this reality and call for a reimagined form of leadership that coincides with emerging trends of relationship building, complex group work, and diverse workforces. 

    Gaining a deeper understanding of the constantly evolving complexities of interpersonal, group and even intergroup relationships requires shifting our focus towards the process of group dynamics and collaboration. 

    Please join us for this ISODC webinar and conversation about the humble leadership paradigm and the importance of studying how things are done through collaboration and humility. The Scheins will show us how human connection in the workplace is an opportunity for growth and success. 

    Reading the book before the webinar is recommended.
    Humble Leadership can be pre-ordered or purchased at the following link:

    Read about the Schein's work in the Organizational Culture and Leadership Institute at

    The webinar will be open to the first 500 people who log into it. All who register will be sent the link within 24 hours of the webinar for viewing. The webinar link will be sent to all registrants on the morning of the webinar. Questions? 

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    • 17 Sep 2018
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • 21 Sep 2018
    • (UTC+01:00)
    • Royal St George Yacht Club, Dublin, Ireland

    You're invited!
    Royal St George Yacht Club, Dublin Ireland

    Join OD leaders such Wayne Boss, David Coghlan, Amandine Savall, and Henri Savall for a dynamic exchange of ideas, informative workshops, and hands-on international consulting experience.  

    All are welcome at the 4th Annual ISODC International Conference: Leadership in Turbulent Change in Dublin, Ireland from September 17 – 21. 

    Held at the stunning Royal St. George Yacht Club, attendees will learn how the OD community can be—and already is—a powerful tool to help organizations across the world create greater agility and change readiness. 


    The program includes many opportunities for organizational consultants and scholars from Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Asia to network and discuss future partnerships. Register today to be a part of the dialogue. 

      Experience International Consulting with leading international OD Consultant with volunteer organizations!                 

      Do you want to get more involved in the conference? Here’s how:


      Call for Presentations Still Open

      Do you have a paper or new idea that you want to share with global OD practitioners and scholars? Submit your proposal before July 18, 2018 and compete for the new conference award—The Innovative Idea Award See Conference Information above.


      Call for Workshops Now Open

      Do you want to share your unique skill through a 1.5-hour workshop? This is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge while helping attendees expand their skillset. Details on how to submit a workshop proposal are available  See Conference Information above. Deadline: August 1, 2018.


      Doctoral Student Presentations 

      If you’re interested in receiving valuable feedback on your dissertation or thesis, the ISODC Conference is the perfect venue! Students can submit proposals by July 18, 2018 to be included in the program. Details on how to submit are available See Conference Information above.


      International Consulting Team Experience

      Partner with experienced global consultants, including Joanne Preston and Louw DuToit , for a day of consulting with local volunteer organizations. This is a wonderful opportunity for new and seasoned practitioners to gain hands-on international OD experience.  More information to follow about signing up for this experience.


      Don’t miss out on being a part of the annual conference. Registration is now open and space is already starting to fill up Register Now!


      We look forward to seeing you in Dublin! For questions, please send emails to

      Download the full Conference Information here.

      • 18 Sep 2018
      • 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
      • Royal St George Yacht Club, Dublin, Ireland
      • 11
      ICCM 1006 Culture, Change, and Leadership

      An innovative hybrid online course including a live (in-person or zoom webinar) conference workshop offered by ISODC, FIT, and THT.  This course combines the best of online, onsite, and video conference formats.

      This course begins with a three-hour session to be offered at the Dublin ISODC Conference on September 18, 2018.  This session will be available to Conference attendees, and simultaneously to online participants who are not able to attend the Conference in person.  In this three-hour interactive hybrid session, the course will be introduced, course site content will be reviewed, and project teams will be developed.  

      Team projects will involve participants working together to develop a motivational system for the employees of an international corporation.  Following the initial workshop presented at the Dublin Conference, the course will continue for three weeks in zoom video conference sessions.
      Engaging cases and active participation in experiential learning will focus on developing the motivation system for six different nations where the company operates.  The course will be completed the first week in October with a virtual presentations and discussion of employee motivation projects. 

      Culture, Change, and Leadership 
      ICCM 1006

      Questions considered 

      Motivation, regardless of the cultural and national context, is influenced by the cultural values of leaders and employees. 
      Well-tested and applied models and methods for understanding, measuring, and managing human motivation are provided as background for course participants. 
      Cultural differences in motivation are used as a method to assess and plan the system for the company. 
      Course content will be presented in three learning modules:

      Module 1:
      September 18 Workshop/Virtual Webinar (3- 6 pm) 

      Project teams will discuss the needs and issues related to motivation in multi-cultural contexts. Video interviews from culture, change, and leadership experts will be discussed.

      Course site content

      We will discuss culture, change, and leadership, a framework for understanding cultural values and their influence on employee motivation, multi-cultural diversity, and possible leadership dilemmas.

      Module Two
      September 28 and October 5 (times and dates may change depending on participants’ needs)

      Project teams will apply Trompenaars 7D Model to develop an understanding of cultural influences on motivation approaches. 
      For example, are employees motivated by individual achievement or by group and collective recognition and reward?
      Should a company seek to motivate employees the same way in all six nations where it operates?  To what extent should a nation’s cultural values influence efforts to motivate employees?  

      Course site content

      Designing cultural differences, change dynamics, and measuring employee motivation will be discussed.  Cases illustrating motivation in France, Germany, Japan, China, Brazil, and the USA will be discussed.

      Module Three
      October 10 (course conclusion)

      • Course participants will present models for motivating multi-cultural employees in the selected nations.  Team results will be published.

         Course site content
      • Threaded discussions will be used to further present the team projects.  SHRM, HRCI and FIT CE credits will be awarded to participants. A panel of experts will be presented via video interviews to discuss the implications of culture, change, and leadership for understanding motivation.

      • What are the fundamental elements needed in human motivation?
      • What cultural values provide the foundation for employee motivation??
      • How can Trompenaars’ seven cultural dimensions be used to make sense of motivation in multi-national companies?
      • How can organizations develop relevant systems of recognition and reward, incentives, and employee development?
      • What are cultural dilemmas that may develop as leaders attempt to motivate employees from multi-cultural contexts?
      • How will motivation differ and be the same in the six countries?

      Faculty for ICCM 1006

      Roland Livingston, EdD is an Organizational Development consultant and educator whose work has focused on diversity management, team building, leadership effectiveness and executive coaching.

      Kim Barker, PhD is an educator, author and speaker whose work has focused on cultural competence and dilemma reconciliation and Global Organizational Development and Change.

      Jerry Glover, PhD is an author, consultant and educator whose work has focused on reconciling cultural differences in economic, community and organizational development. 
      His most recent book, Transcultural Competence: Navigating Cultural Differences in the Global Community 

      (APA Books, 2015) describes an approach to understanding how to create solutions for problems of diverse organizational cultures.

      Learning Outcomes include:

      • A framework for understanding culture, motivation, and organizations.
      • An approach to designing an motivation system.
      • Identification of cultural dilemmas in multi-cultural motivation settings.
      • A method for making sense of culture, change, and leadership.

      Continuing Education Credits are awarded by FIT, HRCI, and SHRM for completing ICCM 1007

      Tuition $175

      For questions and more information .....   

      Contact Dr. Kim Barker  -


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